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Market intelligence to understand, track and grow your digital market share.
Website Hosting Search Tool

Search our database of over 5,000 web hosting companies, cloud hosting companies and dedicated private servers.
Data Accuracy

Our lookup tool provides the most accurate results and gives you crucial information about the site.
Website Speed

Use our free Website Speed Test tool to analyze the load speed of your websites, and learn how to make them faster.

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Data Sources

We don't rely on any single channel for data collection. We work with a wide variety of sources to create the most accurate and reliable picture of the digital world.

All of this data is fed into Search Render’s data processing servers where we turn billions of daily data points into insightful information.

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Search Render’s market intelligence solutions provide customers with insights to help them understand, track and grow their digital market share

With our insights businesses, agencies, marketers and analysts can identify emerging trends and understand consumer intent and journey.